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Nivaa Mahendran

Studio Manager and HR

Nivaa graduated in HR Management at Durham College, combined with Event Planning Management from George Brown College. Racking up nearly 12 years of admin experience and 5 years of experience in HR, Nivaa made her start at House of Cool as the studio administrator and built her skills and experience to now juggle both the responsibilities of the HR and Studio Manager.

In her 5 years at House of Cool, Nivaa has exceptionally handled all logistics, location moves, renovations, and events at the studio. She is one of the main pillars of support for all current and new employees at House of Cool. As a minority growing up in Canada, Nivaa did not believe it would be possible to successfully enter the entertainment  industry, and yet through her hard work and dedication ended up at House of Cool, allowing her childhood dreams to come true. This Nivaa strongly believes in the utmost importance of traditions and culture within a workplace environment.

Nivaa is almost everyone’s go to, with her having exceeded her jobs requirements in troubleshooting and bringing structure and order to the studio. Nivaa’s progressive thinking and innovative mindset drove her to implement a human resources information system for the company allowing for consistent organisation and overall growth.

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