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Rodrigo Perez-Castro

VP of Creative

Rodrigo Perez-Castro is an Annie Award-nominated animation filmmaker with decades of experience in the industry.

Rodrigo was born and raised in Mexico City. His passion for storytelling brought him to Canada to study at the renowned animation school, Sheridan College. In the years that followed, Rodrigo worked as a Story Artist, in both Canada and the U.S., on numerous film projects for studios like, Disney, Blue Sky Studios, Fox Animation, Paramount Animation, and Dreamworks TV.

Rodrigo’s most recent credits as a story artist include- The Book of Life, Ice Age: Collision Course, Ferdinand, and Rio 2. For his work on Rio 2 he was nominated for an Annie Award in the category of “Outstanding Achievement for Storyboarding in an Animated Feature Film”.

He has also served as the Head of Story for Ice Age: The Great Eggscapade and the How to Train your Dragon TV series, as well as a story consultant for the original Angry Birds film.For over 5 years, Rodrigo served as the head of the story department at House of Cool Inc. In this role, he supervised and trained new artists, a personally gratifying experience as he helped mold some of the industry’s most influential new talent.

Rodrigo then went on to direct Koati, an independent, hand-drawn animated film. This passion project brought him closer to his roots and gave him the chance to immortalize the colourful world of Latin America on film. Koati stars Sofia Vergara and features original music by Grammy Award-winner Marc Anthony.

Recently, Rodrigo has returned to his animation family at House of Cool as the VP of Creative, where he currently provides creative leadership for HOC client services and develops his own original properties with a unique, personal storytelling touch. Next up, Rodrigo is slated to co-direct an original, yet-to-be announced animated film for House of Cool.

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