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Drew Ng

Head of Recruitment, Training and Education

Drew Ng studied at the internationally acclaimed Sheridan College in the early 1990’s and is a 20+ year veteran as a Storyboard Artist and Supervisor on dozens of projects. Some of the productions he was involved with include Cube Zero, Jonah Hex and Dragons – Race to the Edge.

 After many years on the front lines, Ng is now using his story experience to institute the Education, Recruitment and Training department to support the many productions at House of Cool.

 Drew was integral to the development and execution of House of Cool’s first 6-week Storyboard Workshop classes, along with the creation of a full time Storyboard Program at Ecole Cartoucherie Animation Solidaire (ECAS), located in Bourg-Les-Valence, France, in partnership with TeamTO and the French government. Through these inaugural education programs, and in addition to House of Cool’s own internal training for new hires, Ng is able to leverage the studios expertise in pre-production to educate and upskill the next generation of storytellers.

 Drew also brings a unique insight to the recruitment department with his decades of experience and finely trained artist eye.  He encourages creativity and strong technical skills among House of Cool artists and employs the philosophy that if you provide artists with the tools they need, they will succeed beyond expectation.

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