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the number 10 and an animated grey cat pushing its way through the centre of the zero

10 Lives

a boy sitting with an elephant on a hill above a city

The Magician's Elephant

seven dogs in different uniforms from police to firefighter, and a boy in front of a bridge full of police and firetrucks and a city skyline

Paw Patrol: The Movie

a girl in a yellow shirt and 3 monsters: red with horns, a pink puff ball, and a brown furry monster with a big nose and floppy ears


a man in a tuxedo, a boy with a holographic watch, a woman, a man with a robot claw hand, and some birds

Spies in Disguise

girl, dog and robot, on a rooftop in front of a digital city skyline

Next Gen

group of birds and pigs looking out of a cave

The Angry Birds Movie 2

a girl on top of a bull in a field of sunflowers


woman holding a pig. man holding a guitar. man wearing a military outfit. standing in front of a bright city skyline

The Book of Life

black, red and yellow birds being slingshot towards you surrounded by shakily stacked buildings and a group of different birds at the base of the slingshot

The Angry Birds Movie

a saber-toothed squirrel holds onto a big, pink and yellow egg in the snowy mountains

Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade

boy in a yellow shirt is about to hug his white dog. they both have their outstretched

The Peanuts Movie

family of blue Spix's macaws surrounded by other tropical birds in a forest.

Rio 2

2 men, a women, some snails, a frog and a goblin surrounding a mountain at sunset


a blue Spix's macaw with it's wing around a toucan and a bulldog wearing a fruit hat


a man and several yellow minions wearing googles in a tunnel

Despicable Me

a mammoth, a saber-toothed tiger and saber toothed squirrel

Ice Age: Continental Drift

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