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20th Century Fox, ReelFX Studios


Storyboards, Head of Story

The Book of Life
the number 10 and an animated grey cat pushing its way through the centre of the zero

10 Lives

a boy sitting with an elephant on a hill above a city

The Magician's Elephant

seven dogs in different uniforms from police to firefighter, and a boy in front of a bridge full of police and firetrucks and a city skyline

Paw Patrol: The Movie

a girl in a yellow shirt and 3 monsters: red with horns, a pink puff ball, and a brown furry monster with a big nose and floppy ears


a man in a tuxedo, a boy with a holographic watch, a woman, a man with a robot claw hand, and some birds

Spies in Disguise

girl, dog and robot, on a rooftop in front of a digital city skyline

Next Gen

group of birds and pigs looking out of a cave

The Angry Birds Movie 2

a girl on top of a bull in a field of sunflowers


black, red and yellow birds being slingshot towards you surrounded by shakily stacked buildings and a group of different birds at the base of the slingshot

The Angry Birds Movie

a saber-toothed squirrel holds onto a big, pink and yellow egg in the snowy mountains

Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade

boy in a yellow shirt is about to hug his white dog. they both have their outstretched

The Peanuts Movie

family of blue Spix's macaws surrounded by other tropical birds in a forest.

Rio 2

2 men, a women, some snails, a frog and a goblin surrounding a mountain at sunset


a blue Spix's macaw with it's wing around a toucan and a bulldog wearing a fruit hat


a man and several yellow minions wearing googles in a tunnel

Despicable Me

a mammoth, a saber-toothed tiger and saber toothed squirrel

Ice Age: Continental Drift

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